Lorna Reid, our new Head of Learning, reflects on a recent Creativity Day in London and her new role at RTC

Confident enough to be fearless

It was a bold statement, in anyone’s book, especially at 9am on a Tuesday. This was one of the ambitions shared at our recent ‘Creativity Day’ for the team at the Plaza Hotel Riverbank London.

Rob Flinter, General Manager, invited RTC Leadership to help unlock the creative potential of his team during a time of fast-paced growth.

By close of play, creative sparks were flying, and innovative new ideas were being brainstormed fearlessly. One such idea was to keep bees on the hotel roof, a suggestion which was studiously outlined with a business plan and environmental credentials.

The impact of investing in leadership development

It’s this kind of energy and drive that inspires me as a coach, and now as Head of Learning at RTC Leadership since 1 April.

I love working with leaders who understand that targeted investment in leadership development positively impacts wider staff engagement, business growth and the bottom-line.

Real and virtual meetings mean that no two days are the same for me, which is important for my working style. For example, it can be China for breakfast, Poland for lunch, Sweden for ‘Fika’ and home in the UK in time for tea (sometimes).

The diversity I meet across countries and sectors re-enforces that while there are many cultural differences, the similarities between people are greater.

The concepts, models and tools we work with at RTC translate across the world to support effective and brave leaders.

Top 5 tips for leadership and creativity

  1. Stay curious to be creative
  2. Listen to your team and customers. That’s where you get great ideas.
  3. Study and then model best practice in leadership. Becoming a rewarding leader sets the culture of confidence and fearlessness.
  4. Embrace diversity to achieve differing opinions. The ‘same old’ does not achieve high performance.
  5. Know the strengths of your team and develop them for creativity, problem solving and the implementation of new ideas

I asked Rob if he was OK with me mentioning him in this blog, my first since being appointed Head of Learning. He said ‘Yes, we want the world to know we are creative at Plaza Hotels’.

At breakfast the next morning, I noticed him examining the pot of honey on his table very carefully. Soon it might read Plaza Honey!

Every day is a school day in the world of confident, creative leadership.

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