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April 2016

What Makes Leaders Tick?

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What Makes Leaders Tick? To answer this question, I interviewed 80 business leaders – I analysed their skills, their attitudes, their backgrounds and their working habits. And yes, they do work hard, but the compensation is that they just love it. They adore the accompanying limelight [...]

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Successful Female Leaders

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Successful Female Leaders I was invited to speak on two consecutive Women's Days to talk about Successful Female Leaders. One was simply not enough.  My speech was focused on the research I carried out into the skills that propelled 80 CEOs to the top of [...]

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March 2016

Overcoming Unconscious Gender Bias

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Overcoming Unconscious Gender Bias I was speaking at a seminar with a major banking group recently. There were 100 women in the audience with a scattering of supportive men. This bank is spending a great deal of money on helping women reach their potential within [...]

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February 2016

How to Work with Global Teams

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How to Work with Global Teams How to work with global teams? Leaders across the ages have wrestled with the ideal way for teams to deliver best performance. And this challenge just got more challenging with the advent of global and virtual teams. Having worked with [...]

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You can Learn Social Confidence

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You can Learn Social Confidence Social Confidence is a subject that has interested me greatly throughout my professional career. I still remain surprised by how people can look so confident but be lacking in confidence internally. I have also discovered that people can also be [...]

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Are you a career volunteer or a career conscript?

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Are you a career volunteer or a career conscript? So many people meander through their life and career without realising that they could do so much more. A lack of fulfilled career potential makes us jealous of others and eats away at our confidence and [...]

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January 2016

Leadership and Politicians

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Leadership and Politicians   Much is talked about leadership in business. In pursuit of this Holy Grail of success characteristics, I interviewed 80 chief executives both here and across the Atlantic, men and women, public and private sector for my book Fast Track to the [...]

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December 2015

Women and Men in Executive Positions

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Women and Men in Executive Positions – How do their perceived strengths differ?   The typical qualities and strengths we associate with senior executives are leadership, good communication skills, delegation, getting on with a broad cross-section of people and having the capacity for hard work. [...]

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