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September 2018

California states the case for women leaders

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I’ve been a long-standing advocate for bringing gender balance to corporate leadership through our Women As Leaders course. So I was pleased to read the recent news that California may become the first US state to impose a quota for the inclusion of women on [...]

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May 2018

March 2018

International Women’s Day 2018

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Come to the Front Today I’m celebrating International Womens Day courtesy of the Post Office and in the illustrious company of Dame Fiona Woolf former Mayor of London and various other dignatories. My part of the proceedings was called ‘Come to the Front’ and the [...]

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February 2018

Willpower – Strategies for Successful Resolutions

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The end of January, start of February is a  crucial time for resolution enthusiasm to dribble away or die. Gyms empty by 3rd week in January, diets self-destruct and alcohol free becomes alcohol fuelled.  What we need is Willpower. Willpower, in a nutshell, is the [...]

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