Relaxation CD

Nowadays, unless you are attacked or robbed, threats come in the form of worries about children, bad relationships, financial difficulties or work problems. Sometimes all at once! You are often left with the pent-up energy from this stress response and if this continues over a period of months, you get so used to feeling this way that you cease to notice how stressed you actually are.

Relaxation helps

You may have to deal with the specific issues that have led to your stress but if you are relaxed you can make better decisions about them, solve problems more swiftly and simply feel more healthy and confident.

These free downloads will provide you with the skills to slow down and unwind so that you can face another demanding day with renewed energy.

Sit or lie down by yourself in a quiet and peaceful place. Try to remain awake but if you do fall asleep simply relax and enjoy letting go. If you are playing the CD in your car please pull over rather than listening while driving. I would hate to be responsible for an accident as you drift off.

Relax and enjoy.