As a clinical psychologist, our founder Ros Taylor is an advocate of the benefits of psychometric testing.

Dating back to the 19th century, psychometric testing uses psychological measurement to assess a person’s abilities, attitudes and traits.

Here, Ros highlights five reasons why psychometric testing can benefit an individual and an organisation.

1 Know the words to your song

Sometimes we don’t know ourselves.

The feedback you receive from these assessments identifies your strengths which boosts confidence. You can be happy to be you. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses allows you to hire others to do the things you can’t do.

It means you can sell yourself at interview in response to questions like ‘what will you bring to the company?’. I call it’ knowing the words to your song’.

When you know who you are in terms of skills and values, you can choose jobs that play to these strengths.  Really loving what you do allows you to become more passionate, productive and successful.

2 Develop a diverse team

Once you know you, you can use psychometrics to identify the strengths of those around you and get the best out of your team.

Leaders need diversity in their team. If everyone were the same as you, a limited amount of work would be completed and few new ideas brought to the table. Diversity allows you to delegate to people who excel in the areas you are weaker.

3 A different way of thinking

Pyschometrics are very effective during recruitment. In an interview, it’s a great tool to establish how a candidate thinks.

Are they ‘foragers’ who love to research and gather information, or ‘explorers’ who look for interesting angles? Or are they ‘synthesisers’ who are practical and see glitches, or ‘disseminators’ who want decisions made and tasks completed?

Assessments can investigate personality, leadership style, how you learn, your career drivers, creativity, resilience as well as willpower to succeed. Knowing the gaps in your current team helps you to consider the best fit after all professional skills are taken into account.

4 Evidence is everything

Most significantly, psychometrics assessments are fabulously well researched. Unlike many other approaches, they are evidence-based.

Through companies such as Thomas International, hundreds of thousands of people have completed these assessments globally which provides grounded comparative evidence and insight. You can trust the outcomes to be accurate.

5 Mind the gap

Psychometrics can also provide a gap analysis between your company vision and individual performance. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your team allows you to prioritise where to allocate budget for coaching and development. There may be a consensus in the team about what skills are lacking which provides a brief for team coaching ie developing the team together as a group.

More information:

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