Yan was an accredited executive who worked for different multi-international companies in China, as well as a nationally owned company and start-up company.”

Working with RTC

As an experienced leader in the mobile phone industry over 20 years, she has successfully played a critical role as VP of sales and distribution management to turn around Sony Ericsson business in China. She also worked as Motorola Mobility China GM to lead the company’s business transformation in china which covering portfolio planning, sales and marketing strategy and execution. Her excellent leadership led to huge performance improvement.

Background and Industry Experience

As managing director of Electrolux China, leveraged her extensive experience on Chinese market insight and key account management, she redefined company strategy and business model in China to optimize the business result.

Four years of entrepreneurial experience made her realize the interior grow up is so critical for the people’s success, and the role of a coach can create a great value on that. She aims to be a professional coach through study and leverage her own experience to support more people especially female leaders in China.

Qualifications and Training

Yan Li is a graduate of Ros Taylor’s CCI: Corporate Coach International programme.