“Steve was a great listener. He pushed me hard to get work done between sessions that I would never have prioritised otherwise. I took comfort and pride in the fact that Steve’s leadership profile was similar to mine, as I’ve struggled recently to be able to articulate my strengths and not see my warm and collegiate approach as a weakness, as I often operate alongside people with very different profiles. To meet someone so clearly at the top of their game who had a similar approach was helpful and boosted my confidence.”

Working with RTC

As a Foundation Coach at RTC Leadership & Coaching, Steven brings 20+ years-experience working in Change. At RTC, he draws on his ability and desire to support individuals and teams to succeed. Steven’s he has implemented and supported numerous change programmes, projects and initiatives that both enhanced and improved the operational footprint of those businesses. Steven has utilised his strengths in communication, influencing and inspiring others to drive organisational change across business units, geographically dispersed teams and within his own change teams.

Background and Industry Experience

Originally from an IT Development and Change background, Steven has a deep understanding of the importance of Change be it; People, Process or Technology. All of which need to go on a Journey from their As Is state to their To Be state.  Steven has worked with a number of Organisations and Industries world-wide including British Airways, Coca Cola, 3 Mobile, RBS, Barclays and the University of Glasgow.

  • Telecoms
  • Banking & Finance
  • Airlines
  • FMCG
  • Education
  • Cable TV & Entertainment

Qualifications and Training

  • Certified Coach and Mentor with Corporate Coach International and the Institute of Leadership Management Level 7.
  • Qualified with a Degree in Computing and Information Technology.
  • Steven is a Member of the Association for Coaching.