Phyl is a bright, engaging and enthusiastic coach. She works with a range of mid to top layer leaders in the UK. Her particular focus is on strategic alignment; ensuring leadership behaviours are driving the strategy of the organization forward.

Phyl’s background enables her to have one foot in personal development and coaching and the other in the strategy of an organization.

She started her career in UK business schools. She gained her PhD in the Psychology of Strategic Decision Making from Cranfield Business School In 1998. Following that she held full time positions designing and delivering courses in personal development and strategic behaviour inside organizations. She worked worldwide on MBA programmes and executive development.

Phyl proved to have a particular flare for the executive development side of her work and was encouraged to fly solo in 2008. Since then she has run her own consulting practice: Strategy Explorers. The unique proposition of Strategy Explorers is that Phyl and her partners enable clients to join up the strategy of their organization, their culture and the leadership behaviours that are needed to support it.

In recognition of the high quality of executive development she is able to offer, Phyl holds Visiting Professor positions at Strathclyde Business School and Rotterdam School of Management. Her background in and continuing association with knowledge creation in the university sector means she brings a wealth of knowledge to her group and one-to-one relationships.

Being coached by Phyl is a multi-faceted growth experience.