Lora Caven is an accredited executive coach with Ros Taylor Company. She specialises in coaching senior executives and individuals who are on their path to leadership roles. Lora works with RTC as a coach and a facilitator in leadership development.

She is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, with an international career in business and over two decades of dedicated personal and professional development. Lora helps and inspires people around the world through coaching, training and keynote speaking to live their most expansive and meaningful lives. Lora believes with all of her heart that everyone has the power to change their outcomes, find, and truly connect with their purpose, and contribute to a better environment for all.

She demonstrates an unwavering passion for what’s possible and a dedication each and every coaching session by helping her clients with the mindset strategies needed to create the meaningful and successful lives they are worthy of. She is also a powerful keynote speaker and trainer who empowers and inspires high
performance. From big corporations to smaller start-ups, Lora will motivate and inspire on and off the stage.

After spending 15 years as a serial entrepreneur, Lora re-trained with Brendon Burchard and The HighPerformance Institute to marry her years of business knowledge with her ability to motivate and inspire change in others through the profession of Coaching.

After recently emigrating with her husband and teenage children from Scotland to Canada, Lora likes to enjoy the outdoors with her dog, enjoys keeping fit and is an already active part of her new community in Canada.