Brief career history

Employed as an Engineer, Research Manager and a Director of Professional and Organisational Development since 1985, when the opportunity presented itself to try something new Kate O’Sullivan jumped into (the icy lake of recklessness otherwise known as) a new career and has never looked back.

With over 30 years of engineering, higher education, learning and development, and sport coaching and development behind her, working for some outstanding organisations, Kate believed the time was right to bring her knowledge, experience and skills together for a greater good.

Coaching, a life long passion, had always played an important part in Kate’s career. In January 2016 Kate decided it was time to move away from the security of working for others. With the thought, ‘its now or never’ and firm belief it would work out. Kate made the transition and embarked on a portfolio career.

Very quickly Kate built a strong network of contacts and a busy coaching schedule, helping people of different ages, drawn to her authentic no-nonsense attitude, passion and commitment, begin to believe in themselves and what they can achieve for a positive future. As well as establishing her own business, in 2017 Kate was elected as Deputy Chair of British Rowing, one of the UK’s most successful Olympic Sports. Kate continues to thrive in this next stage of her career, as Kate always believed she would. The icy lake has never felt better.

Coaching credentials

Over 25 years of executive, developmental and rowing coaching. Kate is a coach educator and has established a number of organisational coaching and mentoring programmes. To formalise her knowledge and expertise, Kate is currently working towards her ILM 7 Executive Coaching qualification.

Coaching speciality

For people in transition at any age or level who are experiencing ‘a bit of a block’ / tough transition, Kate O’Sullivan provides Executive Coaching, with knowledge, experience and skills that explores opportunities and develops bespoke solutions to identify your strengths, and what you are trying to achieve. Kate works with you in partnership to identify your goal, passion and provides the tools to enable you to take the next step, to achieve it.

What benefits do you bring to your coachees?

A safe place to explore goals and establish strategies to achieve them. Words that others have used to describe Kate’s coaching include:

• Inspirational: Focused and motivational leader
• Knowledgeable: Articulate and calm
• Caring: Insightful and approachable
• Authentic: Likeable, no-nonsense attitude / stands up for beliefs
• Helping people to believe in themselves / what they can achieve