Jo has extensive experience in the public sector as a commissioner, provider and regulator, with a successful track record of transformation and performance improvement as well as a national reputation in workforce and leadership development.

She now works as a corporate coach and leadership consultant in both the public and private sector. She is one of the coaches on the Women’s Leadership programme specifically designed by Ros Taylor for Astra Zeneca. She is one of the facilitators for the national Systems Leadership – Local Vision programme which supports top leadership teams – health, police, local government, voluntary organisations to achieve shared outcomes. She is also facilitating and coaching on the new Directors and Future Leaders programmes in both England and Wales. She is also coaching a number of teams on the new Leading for Change programme for systems leaders in public health, health and local government.

Jo has a proven track record in helping leaders believe in themselves and develop their confidence to address and resolve conflicts and differences which seem beyond resolution. She believes that her style – being empathetic and supportive with an insightful directness, together with recent and considerable experience of working at the top of many organisations, can enable people, organisations and whole systems to achieve their own goals and outcomes. She is also highly sensitive to the politics of organisations and supports people to navigate these successfully.

Her experience is that at the heart of successful coaching lies a relationship of trust. It can be lonely at the top and particularly challenging for people taking up new leadership roles. She aims to create a safe space to enable people to explore their feelings about these challenges and supports them with practical tools to find their own solutions.

She has unique experience in both central and local government, having been a Director in three Councils and a senior civil servant in the Department of Health. Jo has worked both within health, as a Director in the NHS London Region, and alongside health as a co-opted member of two PCTs and a CCG.

As Executive Director of Adults and Community Services at Lambeth Council for 7 years, Jo played a key role in transforming the organisation. She then led and shaped Cooperative Commissioning across the whole council to develop a new relationship between the council, citizens and communities.

Jo holds a number of non Executive Board positions including being the Chair of The College of Social Work. She was the chair of the National Skills Academy for Social Care and led its successful merger into a new organisation.