Gordon Baker has trained as a coach with Corporate Coach International. His background is as a Chartered Director and Chartered Engineer with more than 35 years’ experience in people-focussed businesses and organisations.

From his extensive technical and operational experience at the 1988 Glasgow Garden Festival to his leadership roles at JMP Consultants as CEO and Chairman of Tennis Scotland, Gordon has supported and encouraged people to develop as individuals. He has influenced them to take responsibility for their actions and provide greater value to themselves and their organisations. He has achieved this by setting clear vision and strategy, and by using his strong skills as an influencer to secure buy-in from peers and colleagues. His knowledge of this leadership best practice he brings to his coaching engagements.

He is focussing his coaching on helping and supporting those in leadership roles to improve their skills sets to become better leaders. Working with Ros Taylor Company, Gordon helps both today’s and tomorrow’s leaders negotiate the business and personal challenges that constrain their performance thus enabling them to maximise their leadership potential.