Drew Cameron

Drew Cameron

Drew Cameron is an executive coach with a focus on Team Building, Business Scale Ups, Turnarounds and Talent Development.  He is a Director of The London Sock Company and an Executive Coach and Facilitator with Youd Andrews.

Drew has worked with Accenture where he was a Senior Managing Director in their Products Operating Group and then the Global Technology Account Lead for Accenture’s Global IT outsourcing arrangement with Unilever until 2013. His latter role with Accenture was as the CEO and Business Unit Lead for Software for Consumer Goods & Services which consisted of the CAS and Newspage software Products headquartered in Kaiserslautern and Kuala Lumpur respectively.

Prior to Accenture Drew was Vice President with Computer Sciences Corporation (1997-2005) focusing on large, complex outsourcing transactions and the COO of CSC’s outsourcing relationship with BAeSYSTEMS. He was also a member of the CSC’s UK Board.

He has also worked within the SEMA and BAeSYSTEMS Group running largeengineering programmes. He was the Programme Director for YARD Ltd as the M&E Consultant to design and oversee the build of upgrades to CSB Faslane in readiness for Trident.

He has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Engineering.  He is a mentor for The Poppy Factory

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