Bob specialises in leadership development, drawing on over 30 years’ senior management experience to make his coaching relevant to business, and help his clients see and seize the opportunities they encounter.

From legal to retail, via broadcast media and marketing, Bob’s experience spans the spectrum, covering sectors as diverse as technology, FMCG, financial services and the automotive industry. He’s worked with major companies including BMW, IBM, Bank of Scotland and Diagio.

A former News Editor and Senior Producer and Arts Editor at STV, Bob also worked in corporate communications and as a consultant.

He brings extensive knowledge of the technology and financial sectors and has specialised in developing marketing and sales strategies for innovative technologies. In finance he worked as Managing Consultant for Barclay’s in-house multimedia communications roll out and with BOS on their “branch of the future” and Affinity Cards projects.

In the executive coaching space his ability to think “out of the box” means he brings a great deal of insightful experience to the coaching engagement. He is able to relate sympathetically and effectively with the development opportunities that lie before his clients. As one of them recently said:

“The reason I chose you as my coach is that you are a coach who has had a career in business – not a coach who has had a career in coaching”.