With the end of the year fast approaching, now is the perfect time to consider your career goals and professional development for 2019 and beyond. For example, by fast-tracking your career to the next level through our RTC leadership masterclasses in Edinburgh.

As a director or aspiring director, what’s next for your career, and how do you get there? For instance, are you looking to take the step up to a board-level role, or perhaps refine and refresh your leadership style?

The RTC Leadership Masterclasses in Edinburgh 

Between February and July, RTC is hosting its annual Ros Taylor Masterclass Series at the Institute of Directors (IoD) Scotland in Edinburgh.

The series of leadership masterclasses in Edinburgh incorporates six half-day workshops. These focus on different aspects of leadership including leading from the front; confident leadership; and influencing others.

Three reasons to consider our Leadership Masterclasses 

Dr Sabina Strachan took the full suite of six leadership masterclasses in Edinburgh in 2016/17. As a result, she was able to achieve her dream of setting up her own business, glu

Here, she shares 3 insights from her experience for anyone considering taking the masterclasses:

1 Look back to move forwards
The most effective thing for my development was having the space, time, tools and support to hold a mirror up and work out exactly what I wanted. As a result, I could see what I’m good at and could excel at, and how to get there.

2 A springboard to success
The series of masterclasses have been hugely impactful. For example, I’d toyed with the idea of starting my own business on and off for about five years. And the lessons from the masterclass helped me pinpoint what had been holding me back. I could then work through that and move on.

3 Putting learnings into practise
After the masterclasses, I spent six months forming a sound business proposition and brand. After that, I then left my job in August 2018 to start my own business, glu, a collaboration consultancy and training programme. In addition, I had also applied to join a charity board at the same time as I signed up for the masterclasses. Subsequently, I’m pleased to say that application was successful and I now sit on the board of Student Partnerships in Quality Scotland. Certainly, I’ve applied learning from the masterclasses to this role.

The six Ros Taylor leadership masterclasses at IOD Scotland Edinburgh are:

To book the complete series of six leadership masterclasses in Edinburgh for the price of five, contact director.scotland@iod.com