Project Description

Fast track to the top – Turn aspiring into inspiring

Being a leader is a tough job. You’re expected to have sufficient charisma and capabilities to grapple and succeed with every new challenge sent your way. 

No wonder those rising through the ranks can find it so difficult to settle into a comfortable stride after a new promotion, or when faced with a wider remit. 

The Just Leadership® programme is about teasing out and shaping potential. It gives aspiring leaders the self-awareness and skills to make full use of their abilities. Armed with the tools to lead, you give your best people the chance to make a defining contribution to the success of your organisation.

Who is the programme for?

Mid to senior level managers who aspire to lead, and those at board level who wish to develop their skills further.

Specifically those who:

  • have a desire to succeed as leaders
  • have been identified as part of succession planning
  • are considered as having the potential to achieve more
  • have recently been promoted into a leadership position

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