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At RTC, we have developed a series of monthly sessions or a shorter programme of master classes entitled Fast Track to the Top® which identifies high potential talent through profiling and assessment.

The focus of the course is about enabling people under the age of 30 to rapidly develop their skills in the corporate environment by taking greater responsibility through volunteering and influencing as well as generating and implementing innovative ideas. In a nutshell – We’ll help you invest in the people you really should hold onto.

RTC is a corporate and leadership consultancy like no other. We are fully accountable for the results we achieve and in turn make those engaging with our services accountable in achieving actual, outcome based results. By transforming people, we enable cultural shifts within businesses, creating a long term legacy of economic benefit.

Our business was founded over 30 years ago by Ros Taylor, one of the UK’s leading psychologists, authors and presenters. Using pioneering psychological techniques within the context of leadership coaching, RCT are fully ILM7 accredited and devise programmes, courses and workshops in the UK and overseas.

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For further information on this course, upcoming dates or to arrange an informal conversation with Ros please contact us on the details below or fill in the contact form

0131 538 5072 | info@www.rtcleadership.com

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