With a new year approaching, an exciting new chapter is beginning as we expand our leadership training services.

This week, we are delighted to unveil our new brand. Our company name evolves to RTC Leadership & Coaching with a new logo and look across our website.

In addition, we have expanded into a new office in Edinburgh, along with new team members.

Expanding our leadership training

Our expansion follows a busy  year at RTC. We’ve carried out leadership training programmes across the world. RTC events have taken place in the UK, across Europe, New Mexico, the US, the Cayman Islands, Japan and China.

In doing so, more than 250 people and 12 companies have benefitted from RTC’s leadership training services.

Our vision for 2019 and beyond is the expansion of our UK and global client base. We will also expand our collection of facilitators and coaches.

An unchanged focus

While we are expanding and evolving, our focus on delivering powerful leadership training remains unchanged.

From ground-breaking corporate team coaching to radical programmes designed to encourage women into board-level positions, RTC delivers empowering training and coaching. What’s more, our coaching is is proven to increase productivity and profitability.

We do this by releasing untapped leadership qualities through innovative methods and evidence-based psychological techniques.

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