Founder of The Ros Taylor Company, Ros Taylor recently received a warm welcome from Scottish Founder of Par Equity, Paul Atkinson and his international investors at an event hosted by Par Equity LLP

Ros presented her research with 80 leading CEOs and the latest global statistics on the impact that leadership and coaching has on financial performance.

Due diligence for investments

Paul Atkinson, Founder of Par Equity LLP

Par Equity is a venture capital firm created to facilitate investment into smaller companies with high growth potential. The Par Equity Fund is the first Scottish venture capital firm to be fully regulated in both the UK and the US where Ros Taylor Company also operates.

Sponsors of the event Chiene + Tait, Rooney Nimmo and Handelsbanken UK welcomed the focus on this aspect of due diligence for optimum performance of investments.

Profiling can be done quickly and remotely to support investment decisions.

Increasingly, successful investment decision-makers are extending due diligence beyond law and the balance sheet. If you’re buying a high-tech start-up, for instance, the team may have the technical credibility to get you to the moon and back, but do they have the leadership skills to scale up at pace?

Discussions at the event focused around when recruiting new team members, what assurances did investors have about the expanding team blend. Would rapid change post investment rock the boat for existing team members? Who was leading the change post investment and did they have the leadership experience to do that effectively?

Psychometrics can help de-risk the process and identify concerns early for the investors. A fast, and robust gap analysis to inform and support investment decision-making was agreed as a valuable stage of due diligence for investments.

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