Edinburgh-born Lorna Reid already enjoys a wonderfully eclectic career, juggling a successful job as a part-time business development director for a leading design agency with freelance executive coaching and working as a professional acclaimed jazz singer/songwriter.  Her background is in creative communications and marketing, so what drew her to apply to join the Corporate Coach International diploma course?

Ros Taylor herself is a powerful draw, with an amazing international reputation, and her hand-picked team have all been coached personally by Ros, so I knew I would be in good hands.  Although I am by no means a coaching novice, I liked the idea of working in a dynamic group of people and maybe being stretched a little personally. And of course, the ILM accreditation will be a fantastic addition to my CV.

Lorna found the programme stimulating and challenging, and especially enjoyed the networking and sharing of opinion, experience and insight with her fellow participants.

“Because the group is relatively small, at just 12 people, and the three masterclass weekends are jam-packed with activities, workshops, exercises and break-out sessions, it’s a great way to network and also make friends, something I wasn’t necessarily expecting but it made the process even more enjoyable.  You’re thrown into sharing and talking about self-awareness and so on, so from the very beginning you begin to bond, as well as having lots of laughs along the way – essential to balance the intensity of the learning process.”

Corporate Coach International is designed to be relevant, enjoyable and transformational, no matter what area of business or discipline you’re in.  Individuals from the public, commercial and non-profit sectors have all graduated from the course; ready to start shaping a new culture of confidence in their workplace or that of their future clients.

Recent alumnus Lorna is relishing the opportunity to get under the skin of her clients with her new-found advanced understanding of personality and behavioural analysis.

“One of the things that I find so incredibly rewarding about coaching is when you enable someone to reach that lightbulb, ‘aha’ moment, when something suddenly becomes clear and that person realises what it is that might be holding them back from achieving everything they’re capable of.  The Ros Taylor approach is brilliant in that it gives you the tools and techniques but also encourages you to ultimately develop your own coaching style.”

With a suite of learning methods which have been stringently tested, scientifically proven and are considered best practice in the field, Corporate Coach International is fully accredited with the Institute of Leadership and Management, and with Ros Taylor at the helm plus a highly experienced team delivering the course, it’s no wonder that with just one programme held each year with only 12 places available, interest is always strong.

“I feel very fortunate to have been accepted onto the course – it’s probably one of the best career decisions I’ve made, especially as I eventually hope to be working with Ros as one of her coaches delivering the Women as Leaders programme.”

And if Lorna had to sum up her experience in just three words?

“’Revelatory, energizing, professional. And if I’m allowed a fourth – I’d say ‘essential’, if you’re serious about corporate coaching.”

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