The Robertson Group of Companies has built an enviable and successful business in the construction industry, and has continued to build this business during economic meltdown in the sector, showing vision, strength, capability and leadership within the organisation.

The company states that ‘our people mean the world to us’ and Ros Taylor Company worked strenuously to increase brand loyalty both externally and internally in the organisation.

In recognising the market potential for continued growth, the board was looking to the next generation of inspirational leaders, and invited Ros Taylor Company to train, coach and harness the entrepreneurial culture which is within the business. The programme carried out has been a significant catalyst for motivating, energising and directing these younger individuals within the company, to see and position themselves as future high revenue earners for the business and be rewarded in return for their capabilities, success and personal achievement.

The first group chosen for development was young managers who were selected as part of a succession planning initiative. They were chosen to pilot the Fast Track to the Top programme which is to be replicated throughout the organisation.The process used was to run focus groups of young managers in the organisation to discuss perceptions of their organisation and any blocks to development they might have experienced. These results were then utilised in the construction of their Fast Track to the Top programme.

Feedback from participants

‘I am becoming more aware of my leadership style and how I come across to others (body language, tone of voice, etc). I have also developed techniques to deal with challenging situations and people’.

‘I now have a better understanding of what my leadership style and thinking is and also realise that everyone has a different style and thinking from me’.

‘The programme made me realise that I need to delegate and not doing so affects my overall performance and ability to complete tasks and make good decisions in the long run. The course also allowed me to understand the different ways in which I can share workload and negotiate with people’.

‘I have more confidence and I’m learning about the different ways to approach each situation. The programme has helped me remain calm and focused’.

‘I think my leadership style has changed and the techniques provided have made me an improved and better leader’.