Jacobs Engineering is one of the world’s largest and most diverse providers of professional technical services. Jacobs Babtie now rebranded Jacobs was the initiator of Team Coaching for their internal Process Group.

The Process Group was newly formed under Vice President Selma Hunter. She wanted her team to become highly skilled leaders to deal effectively with the complexities of their projects and with the dynamics of the expanding department as they won more business.

The team comprised engineers at the top of their profession but lacking leadership skills. The team of ten was given psychometric profiles and 360 feedback from boss, team and colleagues. This became the baseline for their personal development plans and subsequently the overall Team Coaching programme.

Because the team were scattered geographically on a variety of projects it came together for its leadership sessions one day every two months. It was the mixture of individual coaching and team seminars that proved so successful.

As a result of the psychometric feedback, leadership interventions and team building achieved with regular meetings, this group exceeded its financial targets by a multiple of 4. And all of this with a new group just formed at the beginning of the year.

Feedback from participants

“This was a great forum to bring team members together and get to grips with what makes teams work”

“Team Coaching helped provide personal insights into yourself and fellow team members to create a better understanding of each other’

‘Very useful skills and techniques to use as leader of my own team’

‘We learned to be open and honest with each other”