Frank Walsh - Ros Taylor Company

Frank Walsh

I am writing to comment on my relationship and experience of working with Ros Taylor Company over a period of 14 years.

My first engagement was when I managed the Neurology CEDD in Glaxo Smith Kline. This was a new structure and way of doing research in a multinational pharmaceutical company. Ros worked with me and the management team to develop messaging around the new business model and to get buy in from all quarters to this new way of working. We used her on many occasions but our all hands conferences were particularly popular and inspirational.

The result was that the Neurology CEDD was regarded as the most innovative and imaginative organization and very different from other groups and encapsulated this unique entrepreneurial way of working.

When I moved to Wyeth Research in Philadelphia in 2002 I wanted to bring the learnings from my previous position. Wyeth was a US-centric, male dominated and very backward in its thinking. Ros was able to work with my Executive Team which was very diverse and quite conservative. We developed leadership programs to enable executives up to SVP level to understand their management styles and develop ways of better working with colleagues. The programs exceeded expectations and were much admired by other groups. Other unique programs were developed such as Women as Leaders to develop the skills of our senior female executives in a totally male centric world. This was industry leading and tackled a real need.

The course participants were very enthusiastic and energized and led to a number being promoted to VP positions. Additional programs on empowerment were highly successful and passed down the whole organization.