Karen Sutherland - Ros Taylor Company

Dr Karen Sutherland
Global VP HR

AstraZeneca has worked with Ros Taylor Company for the past two years, partnering with them to deliver our Women as Leaders programme which aims to provide early to mid-career women with strategies and skills aimed at boosting & accelerating their development (and thus their potential).

However more recently we have also started to engage the company on some specific individual coaching projects. Ros and co were selected for the programme for two reasons – expertise and proven delivery. Ros is widely recognised as a leading authority on the development of women and is widely published and cited in this area. More broadly she is also acclaimed as an effective and sought after executive coach and works alongside a strong team of fellow coaches, most of whom she has trained herself. A number of our senior executives in AstraZeneca had worked with Ros and her company whilst with a previous employer and she came highly recommended. The fact that she and her consultants had a lot of previous experience working with scientists and within pharmaceuticals was also attractive to us.

Given the investment in our Women as Leaders programme we have monitored the feedback from participants around quality of facilitation, presentation and coaching quite carefully and have consistent good to excellent feedback for both the course leaders and the coaching team. For many of our women this has been their first experience of concentrated development and access to personal coaching and we are seeing some very encouraging results – a number of our women securing promotions or wider, more complex roles and a ripple effect as women start to use their new skills in the engagement of their teams and colleagues.

The feedback from our women participants has been wonderful and as such we have invested in a further four programmes in 2015.