So on this 7th day let’s look at how your creativity at work can go swimmingly well.

The secret is to be creative as often as possible. Here are some thoughts on how to become more creative in your workplace: 
Give yourself time to think. Cease to be instant in your response to crises. 
Take five minutes- just 5 minutes- to think through all ramifications. And you don’t have to do this alone. Phone a friend for an alternative view. 
Learn the skill of Mind Mapping as it shortens the time for putting ideas together. Everything is on one page with ideas radiating from a central point. As a result, you begin to see associations you haven’t seen before. 
Use Mind Mapping when drilling for details on an issue and it can be drawn on a flipchart for all to see. I usually Mind Map our business plan as it places all business projects on one flipchart page to be brought out at points throughout the year to ensure we are all on track. It can also be added to easily and contributions welcomed from all. 
Mind Mapping is also wonderful for writing reports and presentations. No more blank pages as you Mind Map everything you know about a topic. And you can follow up this ‘brain dump’ by reorganising the information afterwards. Read Mind Mapping by Tony Buzan, BBC Books. 
Brainstorm ideas and problems with your team at each meeting. Even five minutes at the end will produce creative solutions. Problems do not have to be solved on your own. I often suggest a ‘bug list’ to many of the teams I work with. They take a few minutes to list things that have bugged them during the week then quickly brainstorm ways to zap the bugs. 
All this creativity sounds great I hear you say but what should I stop to allow time for it? Everyone is busy but creativity is so important at work that you do have to free up time. Meetings are often criticised as time guzzlers: too many and too boring. 
Perhaps attendance at these could be at least questioned then reduced or delegated. 
Starting and finishing meetings on time would help too. E-mails are another bane of people’s lives. Being copied in on everything is time-consuming as you feel that you must read them all in case you miss something. Limit this activity where possible. Have a time of day to read emails so this activity does not encroach on others. If you focus your team, company or organisation on creativity as a priority, then you will find a way to make time. We always find time for important things.