To celebrate World Book Day, we asked some of the team to share their favourite reads.

Ros Taylor, CEO

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This is one of the most impactful books I have ever read.

Despite being a young qualified psychologist, I was new to business life and was required to influence potential clients to buy our services. Nothing had prepared me for this.

However Carnegie’s book helped me to negotiate these relationships and I have never looked back.

The stories in the book about how even the crustiest clients could be won over had a huge impact on me.

The major takeaway for me was that in any relationship-forming it is all about the other person and the ability to make them feel important. What a relaxing concept. No need to search for the  ‘bon mot’ or indulge in clever banter, just ask questions and be genuinely interested. I have followed this precept all my life.

Stories are great learning and this book is full of them. Interestingly, Carnegie suggests half way through the book ‘put your pipes down men and have rest before reading the second part’.

Clearly the author didn’t envisage women in business or indeed women who might want to read his book. I imagine this has been removed in subsequent editions.

Gill Hayward, Managing Director

Little Wins – The Huge Power of Thinking Like a Toddler by Paul Lindley

This is an accessible read but it has a very impactful message.

The premise is simple – as a toddler we all had incredibly open minds but also the resilience and determination to try new things, and keep on discovering new ways of achieving.

By recreating that mindset – which we all still have deep down – and avoiding relying solely on experience or qualifications to drive us forward, the ability to keep an open mindset can be tremendously powerful and liberating.

This is particularly timely for me as I have just started a new role at RTC and the book explores the benefits of an open minds particularly when starting new projects. Remain open, learn and be curious.

I have also been reflecting on the themes in the book and what we do everyday with at RTC  – by helping individuals and businesses become open and self-aware, we help lead them to behavioural changes which can have a huge impact personally and on their businesses and teams.














Jane Thomson – PA to CEO Ros Taylor

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Her account of the lead-up to Barrack becoming President and the eight years in office are fascinating and a big insight into how she had to deal with becoming the first lack American First Lady.

I am constantly reading self-development books as it helps me in my network marketing business and the two books that have had the most impact on me is The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins and Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone.

Marlyn Sharpe

Soldier Spy by Tom Marcus

I particularly enjoy crime stories based on real-life events. This is a true account from an MI5 officer of what goes on in MI5 Operations written after the events of 7/7 in London. The first few chapters are gripping!