Three Feel Good Workouts for the Mind

Gloomy economic outlooks, mayhem overseas, worries at work. These do not necessarily have to mean deep depression for you. So, let me introduce Three Feel Good Workouts for the Mind.

I’ve put together some exercises – let’s call them workouts – that will make you feel good without even breaking sweat. The Three Feel Good Workouts for the Mind will allow you to increase your confidence and self esteem by positively confronting your demons and managing your emotions.

These are exercises I have used myself over the years so they come to you well road tested. It takes just three weeks of doing them every day to start seeing the difference.

The workouts are a mixture of changing your thinking to feel positive and managing your emotions to feel in control.

The first our Three Feel Good Workouts for the Mind is a Game of Consequences where you have to confront your anxious thoughts.

Let me give you an example to get you started. I used to sing and was always terrified I’d forget my words. I would have nightmares about it and wake up in a cold sweat. My game of consequences would go like this:

My game of consequences

What if I forget my words?

Then the consequence will be that…

I will freeze on the spot

Then the consequence will be…

The audience will think I am a fool

We rarely face the ultimate outcomes of our fears. If we do confront them we are left saying so what? As soon as I played the game of consequences, I realised that I could make the words up as the audience rarely has a clue exactly what the words are! Because I felt more relaxed, I started to enjoy singing so much more. The pressure to be perfect had disappeared. AND I remembered the words!

Try your own Game of consequences below.

Workout 1 – A Game of consequences to overcome worry

Think of your worst worry. Say it came to pass what would be the consequences? If that happened then what would that lead to? Indulge your ‘what if’ thinking to its ultimate goal. Face it and see if it is as bad as you had imagined.

Frankly you are left saying so what? Eventually, as soon as you think ‘what if?’ you will change it immediately to ‘so what?’

Workout 2 – The Big Brush to sweep away anxiety

For example, when I am anxious about a large presentation to say 2,000 people I will put it out of my mind with a particular image. The one I find helpful is a large brush sweeping aside the fluttering leaves of my anxiety. And I say to myself I will worry about that the day before. When that day comes I sweep aside the leaves and say I will worry about that the hour before and when that arrives I sweep and tell myself to worry about it afterwards – and by then it is too late the presentation is over.

Try your own Big Brush workout in advance for any event when you feel anxious.

Workout 3 – The Edge of the Bed for a ‘feel good’ day

The third workout involves sitting on the edge of your bed for 5 minutes in the morning imagining success for the day to come at every point.

For example “the first meeting at 9 am is going well and they want to listen to me. It’s coffee time and the morning has been a success. Next meeting: there are no problems as they like what I am telling them and now it is lunch so half the day is gone and I am relaxed.”

You get the idea. The feelings of dread disappear as you begin to see yourself as more successful throughout the day. Do this every day for three weeks and you will change the way you approach life for ever.

I hope you enjoyed the Three Feel Good Workouts for the Mind…

With clinical psychologist Ros Taylor at the helm, Ros Taylor Company has found that using psychometrics as a way of measuring leadership, personality, thinking styles, creativity, mental toughness and resilience has an important place in the running of a company.

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