Seven Reasons Why Your Team is Under Performing (and how to get them back on track).

1. They’re not 100% sure what they’re meant to be doing.

This might seem like a ridiculous statement – everyone has a job description, right? Well, yes, but in our experience, many people when closely questioned, are not entirely clear what their role and responsibilities, within a team, actually are.  It’s why at Ros Taylor Company the first thing we do on our Team Coaching programmes is to explore with each individual team member their strengths with a variety of assessments and what their understanding is of their position within the team. Team coaching is a mixture of individual coaching interspersed with group work. This combination is a powerful agent for change.

2. The team is not playing to its collective strengths and weaknesses.

At RTC we don’t believe that anybody is perfect or a complete all-rounder.  The key to maximising the effectiveness of a team is to draw out the best in each person then make sure the optimum mix of style and ability is blended together.  Think of it as a corporate cocktail: you need the highest quality ingredients combined in a skilful manner to get a successful end- product.

3. The dynamic just isn’t working.

This is probably one of the most common reasons RTC gets called in to rescue a team that’s struggling.  Maybe one team member is dominating in such a way that others are holding back or feel too reticent to contribute fully; or the combination of personalities means the team just isn’t gelling.  Our experienced facilitators and coaches use tried and trusted techniques to identify and treat this problem, so that group equilibrium can be achieved and productivity increased.

4. Treading water is the cultural norm.

Sometimes a team works too comfortably together.  Maybe they’ve been a unit forever, each person cosily doing their bit but not really going the extra mile.  Alternatively, they all have the same working style with little diversity of input. That’s when some intensive coaching can shake things up, enticing people to stretch themselves, challenge the status quo and hey, get John to take the lead in a meeting instead of Jack (it’s always Jack) – let’s just see what happens. The results can be startling: a kick start towards a more energised way of working together.

5. No-one’s listening.

At Ros Taylor Company, our experts are masters at showing ‘how to talk so people will listen and how to listen, so people will talk’ (to quote a classic parenting manual).  One of the biggest bugbears of team members is that they can feel undervalued. The moment when that great point they just made in the meeting was ignored until Nigel made exactly the same point and everyone jumped right on board with the idea.  Team coaching increases respect for and listening to others’ contribution.

6. They’re all over the place.

For global organisations, teams may exist virtually with personnel scattered around the world, rarely or never getting together face to face.  This can create barriers, especially if time zones mean talking on the phone or video conferencing at strange times.  If your team is only communicating through emails it’s easy to misinterpret tone and meaning, creating unfounded animosity or resentment.  We guarantee that even a short programme of RTC Team Coaching can repair relationships, breakdown barriers and build a sense of belonging and mutual support that will pay dividends for an international business in multiple locations.

7. Too many hidden agendas (real or imaginary).

Something we often witness is a culture of self-preservation or over-riding personal ambition.  If everyone is watching their back with half an eye on their next promotion, teamwork is undermined.   For everyone to pull together, there needs to be trust as well as rapport.  The creative techniques that our facilitators and coaches (each personally trained by internationally-renowned Ros Taylor herself) employ in Team Coaching sessions have effective and measurable results.

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