Ros Taylor Company Founder gives BBC expert comment on Getting Ahead in the Show Off Era

“Sometimes there is nothing wrong with a little quiet, but the those who don’t speak out are often those with golden ideas.” Founder of The Ros Taylor Company, Ros Taylor, has expertly contributed to the BBC’s piece on how to be heard in a sea of self-promoting noise.

The growth in reality television is noted as having played a key role in shaping this new era of self-promotion and personal branding. Ros Taylor was one of the original psychological experts for the trailblazer, Big Brother, series one. Having researched and applied learning’s across business leaders throughout the UK and globally in this area for over 15 years, Ros has high impact solutions for business leaders that positively impact on company financial performance.

The danger in rewarding showing off is that it favours certain personality types, warns clinical psychologist Ros Taylor, who works as an executive coach as well as teaching business at Strathclyde University in the UK. The common wisdom in many companies is that the best leaders need to be extroverts who see the big picture and can talk about it boldly, she says.

Ros Taylor“It means everything is bluff and bluster and nothing has any bottom or credibility,” says Taylor. “That’s a worry because the quieter, more contemplative person – the reflector – is often the one with the sterling idea and the creative thinking.

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