Having a Perfect Day

Are there perfect days?

Perhaps not. But us humans are nothing if not aspirational, so why not seek perfection on a daily basis. My tips for the journey are as follows:

  1. Waken up earlier than required so that you can face the day with relaxation not harassment.

Perfection for me would be running round our local park called Bermondsey Spa returning to a bowl of porridge. I have been a recent convert to breakfast as in the past it has been a rushed coffee to go.

  1. Work in the office with people you like.

One of the wonderful things about having your own company is that you get to choose who works with you. Hire volunteers not conscripts, optimists not pessimists, the diverse and challenging. If not self employed go for promotion so you get to choose.

  1. Work with clients or customers you like.

I realise that for many this is impossible- evidence call centres, stores, service sectors in general. But this is a perfect day! I love the clients I coach, develop in groups or indeed train as coaches. So fulfilment on a daily basis is perfection.

  1. Find a way to have fun.

The best way to avoid stress is to see work as fun especially in these challenging times. Levity doesn’t cost money thanks goodness. I find a wee glass of mulled wine in the deli downstairs brightens my day!

  1. Learn a new thing every day

A nugget of information can be gleaned from even the most boring event. The other day I discovered that the most mundane of services like cleaning can be approached with innovation and make oodles of money. It inspired me to look at my business offering.

Ros Taylor CEO

Constantly in demand as a coach, speaker and leadership expert internationally, Ros Taylor is a renowned writer, author and presenter. She frequently appears on television and radio as the voice of corporate coaching. A highly respected academic and visiting professor at Strathclyde Business School, it’s not surprising that she was named one of the UK’s top ten corporate coaches by The Independent on Sunday.