Happiness and Confidence

Can you be happy without being confident? I don’t think so.

Happiness is an umbrella concept in a similar way to confidence. Much can be meant by both. They are individually determined. What makes me happy will not necessarily make you happy…..and so with confidence.

To lack confidence might mean not valuing yourself, not speaking up for what you want out of life, not having the courage to make close relationships, not seeking a job built on your strengths or not going for promotion. That litany or even one item on that list does not spell happiness.

So to be happy confidence is an essential. Two things can get you started.

  • Find your voice…. speak out about what you want pleasantly of course not aggressively. Start small in a shop or restaurant and build to major issues of values or ideas at work. Take action and let others know what you believe and what you want. They may of course disagree and then you might have to negotiate and compromise but at least those around you know where you stand. Remember you have to be selfish first to be selfless. Self negation will get you ignored.


  • Know the words to the song. This advice came from a colleague who was a guitarist. He thought that playing in front of an audience would be the same as playing in the comfort and isolation of his home. However he forgot his words and still cringes with embarrassment. So confidence at work for example is knowing what your unique strengths are and having a language to describe these attributes to others.

Of course happiness is now in the political arena so increased confidence in all areas of our life can only help the nation’s happiness quotient.

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