With the advent of social media and online marketing, it has become ever more important for people to consider building their own personal brands. Successful businesses have been creating strong, global brands for decades now. Companies nurture their brand to ensure they appeal to specific customers and at certain points in a customers journey. Because of this, brand maps exist in all of our minds.

When we say toothpaste, you think ___. When we say fizzy drink, you think ___. When we say fashion, you think ___. When we say furniture, you think ___.

A good brand is immediately associated with a positive quality or product. As a result, once a brand is established, it becomes incredibly influential and very powerful. At the same time it is also very fragile and in need of constant attention and up-keep. Especially in the globalised economy and media landscape that we all occupy today. 

Creating a Personal Brand for Yourself

So a question for you is, ‘what is your brand?’ Are you a nippy Mini or a shiny Mercedes? Because both are very useful in their own way, but completely different. What professional attributes are you known for? Are you known as a terrific troubleshooter or a strategist? What kind of problems are you drawn to? Is there a particular expertise that you are known for? What kind of meetings are you asked to join and why? And, lastly, what are you NOT known for?

Now, you may be asking, ‘why is branding important from a career perspective?’ Well, it creates and draws new opportunities to you. Personal brand­ing are the cumulative attributes that people are drawn to or pushed away from. Are people drawn to you? What for? And what do they ask for? Look at these examples of branded products:

  • BMW: competitive achievement.
  • Chrysler: cars that dare to stand out.
  • Coca­Cola: refreshing the mind, body and spirit.
  • Federal Express: guaranteed, delivery on time.
  • Mercedes: technical innovation.
  • Virgin: more fun, more value.

When you establish a personal brand for yourself, it should match your career aspirations and be consistent. Consistency of brand is important if you are changing to be­come more user­friendly for example. Perhaps say ‘good morning’ in a lively way or ‘well done’ for some special input. Persist with the new behaviour for three weeks to get rid of the old grumpy bad habits and another nine weeks to create a habit out of that new behaviour.

One Minute Personal Branding Workout

It’s time to have fun with the ‘one minute branding’ workout below. First of all, complete the questions fairly quickly and spontaneously. When complete, put together a branding statement that encapsulates the spirit of your answers. Then create a slogan that defines your brand. This should be short and pithy and easily remembered.


Personal Brand WorkoutExample Personal Branding Workout

Personal Brand Statement Example

With your personal brand you are now ready to greet your pub­lic with the confidence born of knowing who you are and what you can contribute to work. Use your brand slogan when you meet people at events, when you go for interview, even on your business cards.

In conclusion, personal brands are essential in today’s entrepreneurial business landscape. The Ros Taylor Company offers a variety of executive leadership and Leadership development courses. These customised programmes enable fast trackers and existing leaders to reach the highest levels of leadership, and as a result, inspire them to achieve more than they ever thought possible.