8 Essentials for Better Team Building

Success can’t be achieved alone. It is to be celebrated with people who work hard to achieve it. Leaders know the importance of team handling. They rely on their team to realise goals and milestones.

For many people, the relationship with their team is key to job satisfaction. A successful team consists of many personalities and characters. It is this coming together of diverse personalities that, when managed effectively, can produce high performing teams.


1. Have a vision

A crucial for any team is whether or not all members have a clear understanding of what they are doing and where they are going.  If there is a shared vision in place then that acts as a foundation for any high performing team.  It is a team leader’s responsibility to set strategic context for their team. Coordinating, briefing and generating enthusiasm for the team’s strategy is a key perforce driver. A shared team vision support a shared sense of values, etiquette and approach to the work at hand.

2. Become a reliable entity

A lot of managers want to achieve the idiosyncratic style of management where nobody can predict what would be the next move. Only a few can master the style. A lot of people want their managers to be reliable and predictable. They are supposed to carry their style of management which brings trust in the team and team’s trust in him. Some management gurus have also advised to include some “key phrases” in meetings. It can be later used to reinforce the ideology which he communicates.

3. Be confident

There is no second to this. Leaders have to have confidence and radiate it as well, whether they have to lead troops into battle or their sales force into the latest campaign. Confidence is infectious, and individuals can be transformed by a strong and supportive leader who have confidence and belief in them. On the other hand lack of confidence is also infectious and its’ better to not to show your doubts about of particular course of action.

4. Prioritise

High paced environment whether government enterprise or private generates a lot of work for all. It is observed these days that a lot of people are under stress because they can not sort out the priority. Remember that it’s easy to do time-consuming tasks and deliver nothing or very little in return. The leader’s job is to keep focusing on priorities and always be asking what should we do next? Managers and leaders need to ensure that distractions should not be allowed to distract the organisation or team from path and business priorities.

5. Listen and communicate

Almost all leaders have brilliant and magnificent communication skills. They can leave large crowds as well as meeting rooms spellbound. Their sheer skill of knowing what to say and at what time and place is what makes them effective. Listening is also their strength. They will listen to team members carefully. People respect others who give their single-minded attention and explain their thoughts in a way which are clear and unambiguous. This is a key leadership and team building skill.

6. Be flexible

We are living in the age of startups. A lot of traditional companies have to give up approaches which are traditional. Ideas which were thought to be inapplicable were successfully implemented and proven. Studies have shown that failed business that were once successful, were trying to maintain old approaches despite the fact that circumstances have changed. All of us mostly resist change and settle for the older traditional way. Even at the cost of growth. The leaders’ job is to remain sufficiently flexible to change old pattern when circumstances demand.

7. Take responsibility

It is very difficult to put responsibility in a frame of reference. Team is dependent upon its lead on various front. Be it planning, preparation of a difficult campaign or execution of a complex project. A leader takes responsibility to provide a dynamic working environment for team. He is also responsible for actions taken by an individual in his team. A team is also dependent upon its’ lead for guidance and strategy. In other words, responsibility can be the frame which comprises the team from all fronts. Leaders know that they have to take charge and provide the cover which the team expects from him

8. Effective brainstorming

Every team needs creativity. Without it, the team will start stagnating. People who make team thrive on ideas and different approaches, in a framework of solid reliability which a leader provides. Studies have proved that leaders need not be the creative force behind the team but he should be able to tap and cultivate the creative capabilities of the team. The key is effective brainstorming, which leads to innovation in process and products. Highly effective ideas are generated in brainstorming sessions. There are so many methods to go about with the same. You have to find out what works for your team. Are they able to generate ideas in a closed conference room or an open park?

Team building is as much of a science as art. A lot of research has also been done in this area which helps us to pick the right candidate to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the team. Sometimes these approaches fail as human nature is very dynamic. But there is no doubt that team building is a must-have skill for a leader.

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